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Addalynn's Birth Story

January 14, 2017  •  1 Comment

Every birth, for me, is an honor to witness and document. I get a thrill each and every time I arrive to a place of birth whether it be a hospital, birthing center or home. This birth however was something special. Not because it was a coveted home birth, not because baby was born in the water, but because of the feeling of love that was in the room.

Any place of birth can be spiritual and beautiful if there is love.

Addalynn Hope arrived earth side on December 7th on a sunny afternoon in Chandler, Arizona. Her mama had a special and peaceful birth, because of the amazing amount of love and support her birth team gave her as she labored and bore her baby. Little Addalynn was born en caul, which means her amniotic sac didn't break until after she had been delivered. It is rare for a baby to be born en caul and some see it as a sign of good luck. 

Not only is baby girl lucky to be born en caul, but she has two sweet siblings that were so excited for her arrival that they were asking to hold her before she was even fully delivered. Big brother cried as baby was laid on mom's chest and told everyone in the room that this was the best day of his life. Mom and dad announced that they had a precious baby girl and the room erupted into excitement, especially from big sister who was very much hoping for someone to play dolls with. Big sister asked excitedly if today was Christmas, because that was the only thing thrilling enough to compare her little sister's birthday to.

The rest of the evening was spent tending to mom and baby, making sure each were healthy and comfortable. Doula Lakisa and Aunt Heather prepared a meal for the family of fruit and sandwiches. Their fantastic midwife, Crystal Pena with Injoyable Birth gave baby a thorough exam and was so supportive and comforting to both mom and baby. It is so fantastic to be able to be cared for at home in the comfort of your own bed with people who love and support your wishes.

  Big sister, London, hardly left her mother's side as she labored. She did such a good job rubbing mom's back, saying soothing words like, "You're beautiful" and "love you". Big brother, Mason, was so caring and often gave his mom sips of water and took turns fanning her when needed. Between her husband, Ken, and her doula Lakisa Muhammed, this mama was supported every step of the way. With every contraction, she was held, steadied, soothed and loved. Once Mom felt like it was time, she labored in the water until it was time to push. Essential oils were diffused and low, respectful voices were used. Dad reached down and caught the baby while their midwife, Crystal supported them and made sure baby was safe and happy. Relief and joy as she realizes that baby is finally here. Baby's gender was left a surprise until mom and dad announced that baby is a GIRL.

Midwife services with Crystal Pena http://injoyablebirth.com/

Doula services with Lakisa Muhammed http://amothersworthbirthservices.com/


Thank you so much for this Hillarie. Tears of joy are streaming down my face right now. Thank you for putting my story into these beautiful words and capturing these priceless photos. ❤
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