Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I hire a birth photographer instead of asking my spouse or family member?

Your wedding day was probably the biggest day of your life, up until now. Most brides hire at least one photographer to capture that event and for good want them to be perfect and timeless to remind you of every detail. You wanted your friends and family to be IN the photos and enjoying the moment instead of worrying about getting 'the shot'. So why not have the same type of professional for a day that is just as important? You will want your significant other to be holding your hand and giving you support instead of a camera. You want a professional photographer as part of your birth team to capture all the details and moments that a family member might miss. In addition, lighting in delivery rooms can be very difficult and you will want professional equipment that works well in low lighting. 

How far in advance should we book our birth session with you?

Because this type of photography session requires me to be on call for weeks at a time, I only schedule a very limited amount of births each month. To reserve your birth with Hillarie Mae Photography, it is best to book as soon as possible. A non-refundable hold-the-date fee is required to be added to my calendar.

Will I meet with you before the big day?

Yes please! I strongly encourage my expectant mothers to meet with me when we book your session and pay the deposit, to ask questions, look at my work and just get to know one another. I love to hear about your family and your personal circumstances because it helps me to capture your story. It's also important to me that you feel comfortable with me since labor and delivery is so intimate.

Should I let my midwife, doctor and nurses know that I am hiring a photographer?

It is a very good idea to let your doctor know that you are hiring a birth photographer. Doctors and hospitals have different policies and it is important to talk with them about your wishes to hire a photographer. When you are admitted to the hospital, please tell your nurses on staff that there will be a photographer in the room and ask them if they feel comfortable being photographed. In my experience, labor and delivery nurses are angels and I'm sure would appreciate a heads up that another person will be in the room.

What if I am having a planned or unplanned C-section?

Every birth story is beautiful and no matter how your little one decides to enter the world, it is worth capturing. It is unlikely that I will be allowed in the operating room, but I would LOVE to be there so ask your doctor and hospital what their policy is. It is still very important for me to be there even if I am not in the OR. I would be happy to hand dad the camera on auto to take into the delivery room and I will be waiting with loved ones in the waiting room and catch their expressions when the good news is shared that baby has arrived. I will be your eyes when you are groggy, itchy and recovering. Once visitors are allowed to see you and the baby, I then photograph  

What if I go into labor at 2:00 in the morning?

I give my birth clients my personal phone number and keep it on me *LOUD* at all times, especially when I am sleeping. Please, please don't be shy on keeping me updated on how your pregnancy is progressing! If you feel like you might be going into labor let me know ASAP. Even if it is the middle of the night, even if you are unsure, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible! Don't feel bad about waking me or pulling me from what I'm doing at the time, it's a happy occupational hazard and something you are paying me for with your deposit.

Do I have to share the images you take in the delivery room?

I will keep your images completely private at all times. I will be the only one to see them during the entire shooting and editing process. They will NOT be posted online ever unless I get permission from my clients. This is all in our contract that you sign when paying your deposit. The contract is to protect both of us during this entire process.  

What if I loose the images you send me?

I deliver your images in a downloadable file. Once you receive your images, it is your responsibility to back up those files. However, I do keep most files backed up on external hard drives as a courtesy so please let me know if you ever need them sent to you again. 

Do you offer other types of photography like newborn or maternity sessions?

Yes! And if you schedule more than one session at a time I do give package deals, so contact me and we'll make a custom package for you.

What if I decide last minute that I don't want a photographer?

I understand and that would be completely fine! However, your deposit is non-refundable.

Is there a chance you won't make it to the birth?

This is another thing we go over in your contract. There isn't much aside from family emergency or extreme circumstance that could keep me from your birth. In the rare case that I'm not able to make it, I will have a second photographer on call that will fill in for me to cover your birth.

Please let me know if you have any other questions for me! I would love to hear from you : )

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