My name is Hillarie Mae Laver and I live, work, play and take pictures in Mesa, AZ. My husband and I have three adorable little hooligans named Rhone (age 7), Lucy (age 4) and Owen (9 months) and everything we do is for them. We love spending time together, hiking, ice-cream, hunting for bugs and cuddle time on the couch. My first passion is being a wife and mom, but everything else is photography.


My dream had always been to be a photographer, but the passion came when I was doing volunteer work in Mozambique, Africa in 2009. Everything I laid eyes on there was beautiful and inspiring and knowing that I probably wouldn't have another amazing opportunity like this one again, I documented EVERYTHING. I mean everything. From little scarred and calloused toes of the children to the eyes of a mother and her baby strapped to her back, to the beautiful landscapes. Those pictures mean more to me than most of my posessions and I'll love them forever. 


As a photographer, my job is to artistically document emotions, details and life. I want to preserve your memories and give you images that you will remember and cherish forever. I know how precious pictures are of your husband's face when your baby is born and of your newborns tiny fingers just hours old and preserving these memories for you would be an honor. My main focus at the moment is maternity, birth, fresh 48, and newborns, but I welcome all occasions from weddings to family sessions. Please feel free to contact me for all your photography needs!


Thank you for visiting my website! Take a peek at my work and feel free to message me for anything. I look forward to working with you!