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It's births like these that remind me that I am absolutely living the dream and doing what I love. I love birth photography because it not only preserves memories and serves as beautiful art, it can be healing for the family in so many ways. Leaving the hospital after this birth, I was in awe at how powerful and strong Brittney was. She had a hard labor, a traumatic delivery and stayed true to herself through the whole of it. She birthed her baby in the way she had planed and wanted for so long, even though near the end, she wasn't sure she could.
Baby Miller was welcomed with a rough start. He was born with a nuchal cord around his neck and needed emergency assistance to help him breathe. With so many medical staff crowding baby and Brittney's doula caring for their young daughter in the waiting room and dad looking after baby Miller, I put down my camera and held mom's hand and whispered what I could to help mom in the long moments until Miller was stable. I witnessed her heartache and worry and silently prayed. After 20 minutes, baby was in mom's arms for the first time and she sobbed as she held her baby boy - very breifly - before the medical staff took him to the NICU to make sure he was doing well. An hour later we were so happy to hear that baby was doing great and would be released to Mom and Dad soon and that we were invited to visit and get pictures of snuggles with Miller.

In the days that followed I was happy to hear that Miller was strong and healthy, however, my heart went out to Brittney when she expressed concern about seeing the photos since the delivery was such a difficult one for her. In cases like these, I offer to hang on to the photos until my client is ready for them or edit them as planned. In this case, they decided they were ready and upon delivery of the photos and slide show, Brittney loved them and had this to say,

"I was overwhelmed looking at the photos.  Since we nearly lost my sweet, rainbow baby, I was scared to look at the pictures and just feel pain and fear.  However, rather than pain, I saw strength and love.  I was so happy to see so many precious moments caught between me and my husband, my children, and my best friend and doula.  I cried as I went through each picture and relived Miller's birth, but with a completely different perspective.  I felt strong, I felt loved.  And I saw my perfect baby that we had longed for, prayed for, and waited for, for so very long.  I am so grateful to have these memories captured."

- Brittney S.  

It is my job as your birth photographer to document your baby's birth story in a way that beautiful and real. I support you in any way I can leading up to your birth and throughout the whole process. I love my clients and I am so passionate about telling your story.
Thank you Sartori Family for having me <3
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