Wesolowski | What is a Fresh 48 Session?

June 21, 2016  •  4 Comments

I get asked quite often, 'What is a Fresh 48 Session?'

I have had clients tell me that they always wondered how some of their friends had such great and emotional photos of their newborn and family members in the hospital room, meeting baby for the first time.

A Fresh 48 session is done within the first two days of a newborn's life and is a great way to get that hospital/home birth vibe without having the actual delivery photographed. It is a great option for those who want photographs of siblings and other family members meeting and holding baby for the first time in an intimate birth setting.

​Another reason why Fresh 48 sessions are getting so popular, is because it is sometimes impossible for a photographer to get access to a birth. Whether it be a hospital policy on C-sections or a very speedy delivery.

The Wesolowski family knew they wanted this special time documented, but because of the hospital policy which only allows one person into the operating room, they decided that a Fresh 48 session would be the best option for them. It was a relaxed and sweet hour I got to spend with them and I am so happy that they have these images to look back on and treasure. Thanks for having me, Wesolowski Family!


Melissa P.(non-registered)
I love getting to see siblings meet for the first time! Wonderful photos!
Julie Isaac(non-registered)
Wonderful shots! Congrats Wesolowski Family!
Kayla Gonzales(non-registered)
So, so beautiful! Fresh 48s are some of my favorite types of sessions!
These are just perfect!! Thank you for capturing this special moment for us!!!
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