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February 24, 2016  •  1 Comment

Gamble Birth SlideshowBeautiful Meadow Marie born on January 31, 2016 weighing almost 10 pounds of pure love. The feeling in the room was so beautiful and I feel so lucky to have been there to capture it. When my sister, Brooke asked me to photograph her second daughter's birth I was thrilled and I immediately said, "YES, of COURSE!". I didn't even have to think about it. No brainer. I cleared my schedule, anxiously waited my new little niece's arrival and kept my phone on LOUD.

Because baby girl was measuring big, they decided to book an induction date and when January 31st came, everything progressed smoothly at the hospital. I arrived when Brooke was 6cm dilated and the feeling in the room was relaxed and happy (yay for epidurals!) Frank and Brooke were making each other laugh and as much as I tried to be a fly on the wall and be as inconspicuous as I am with my clients, it's difficult with family members and they had me laughing and chatting up until she was almost ready to push. The most fun I've had waiting for a baby to date!

When it was time to push, baby girl came down so quickly that she had a bit of bruising on her face and because she was so big, she suffered some nerve damage in her shoulder which caused her to go into shock. The nurse practitioner was called in immediately and when Meadow was laid on mom's chest she was limp and unresponsive, but breathing. She was quickly scooped up by a nurse and the NP gave her a thorough check up to make sure all was well. Baby Meadow Marie was weighed, foot printed, measured all while being admired by her dad, Frank. I knew Brooke was worried and a little sad that her baby was out of her arms. She had mentioned while she was in labor that she was really excited about doing skin to skin right after Meadow was delivered. For the first time at a birth, I was torn between doing my job, and comforting my client. I had two roles that were pulling at me in two different directions, Sister and Photographer. However, I knew that she couldn't see her baby and what was going on, so I had to be her eyes and focus on the job that they had asked me to do.

It wasn't long before Meadow was returned to her Mama and they were able to bond with skin to skin. By far the best moment of the night in my opinion was Mom and Dad getting their first moment together to soak in their brand new, tiny piece of heaven. I couldn't edit the images without getting emotional. Even with the minor scare, it was such a beautiful birth and the feeling in the room was indescribably sweet. Meadow is 9lbs 15oz of perfection and her shoulder is expected to heal completely. Welcome to the family Meadow and thank you for having me Gamble/Laver family! 














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